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Updates: Chronicles’ Project, Facebook Page


While the community may still be small and young, we are trying to reach out. We now have a Facebook page here. Invite your friends, give us feedback on additional ideas to explore, or let us know if you’d like to contribute.

During my forced hiatus this past weekend, several ideas were worked up for you to enjoy; we’ll try to let them out a little slowly, so as to not assault you with walls of text and barrages of emails. One thing that did get accomplished was completing the races section of the Chronicles of Dhor project, at least theoretically. Each of seven player races will be tied to each of the seven elements present in the setting, with seven houses among each race that gain secondary bonuses to each of the seven elements. What these seven core elements are will change during specific time periods, so that a cyber-punk game will have different universal truths than a fantasy setting.

You may notice that elves and dwarves are intentionally omitted; though there are two races vaguely similar, I felt during development that the elf/dwarf cliche has been beaten more than Vinne Paul‘s drumset; instead we went back to basics, incorporating elements of Nordic/Native American interactions to create the Duhar, while also using the Dwarrow, an alternative to traditional dwarves that J.R.R. Tolkien once considered, though for different reasons. The total list of player races includes:

The Ilean – a merge of the spirits of the dead and the minds and bodies of the living, creating a duel-personality that is neither

The Duhar – an extremely violent but long-lived race mixing elements of Southwestern Native American culture with continental European trappings

Giants – 8 to 12 foot descendants of a fallen empire, steeped in Lovecraftian rites and lost technology

The Dwarrow – a hill-dwelling race similar to Tolkien’s Petty Dwarves, with Roman influences, including a Byzantine political system

Humans – an old race who has seen their two great nations fail and fall into petty fiefdoms, similar to pre-Mohammed Arabia and early Celtic society

Dragons – the first people, once able to swallow moons but now confined to the mortal coil and scarcely larger than men.

The Scaled Ones – a reptilian race living on a continent where mammalian life never evolved, with a strongly honor-based amphibious culture.
Hopefully this small teaser will gain your interest, and if not, future updates will be forthcoming. The next few posts will return to your regularly scheduled programming, as we tackle DNA Data Storage technology, Quantum Computing, RPG Tools, and the effects of Kickstarter on different industries.

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