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Oxford Datahaven: What we’re about

Oxford Datahaven wants to be your resource for technology, cyber-political, and especially RPG news. Our Contributors and assorted other mooks (a group in flux at the moment) each have their own interests and angles, and hopefully we will bring all of that in-fighting to you.  We’re going to cover new, high-tech real-world technologies you may not have heard of (like this one) that are either going to revolutionize our world, or turn us all into government/corporate robots. We’ll also discuss their effects on the wasteland that is the political landscape, with help from friends currently writing for chiefly political sites.

We’re going to cover and critique new Role-Playing Games we think deserve your support (definitely this one), and warn you about ones that definitely don’t. But we’re also shameless, self-promoting assholes. Oxford Datahaven is going to keep you up-to-date on the various projects our Contributors are working on, especially in North Mississippi’s growing gaming community. Hopefully, you’ll be interested enough to follow us, contribute, or perhaps even join one of these teams. Over the next few weeks, we hope to cover :

1) ProjektKonvention, an Anime and Gaming convention planned for the city of Oxford, MS

2) Upcoming events featuring the Ole Miss Gaming Association, a conglomeration of gamers of all stripes here at the university

3) Our experiences with the tabletop RPG writing experiment Chronicles of Dhor, and it’s unique world and system.

4) Revolutionaries: Game-Changers, a massive project detailing the history of the Role-Playing industry, and those who completely changed the way we play.

Oxford Datahaven is making its (hopefully) temporary home here at WordPress, while our team of Contributors remain hard at work behind the scenes, helping these and other projects while trying to bring you information relevant to your life and ours, without taking ourselves too seriously.
So click Follow, or Bookmark, or Tweet, or whatever it is you kids do nowadays.
Joshua B. Snow


  1. 16/08/2012 at 7:30 am

    Holy sh*t bat man… with all the drones in the air ready to be deployed globally anywhere, depleted and enriched uranium munitions as well as many other goodies, we are not aware of yet, being used willy nilly here, there n everywhere escalating child mortality – sterility and cancer for the enemy and also found amongst our mere mortal soldiers… our nations sons and daughters…

    I guess joe america is no match for super uber human genetically modified captain america. This is some seriously messy genetically modified shite they are funding instead of educating the young and looking after the old and the weak; very serious food for thought.

    Who profits from this mad technology?
    It aint your average joe america trying to earn his crust and keep his little boat and/or family afloat.

    Didn’t the Nazi’s love doing their live human medical experimentations? … just a thought

    Thanks for highlighting this politically motivated medical perversity.
    Fantastic article – love your writing style – gonna read your entire blog :o) ta love x

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