Don’t Pick “Force Awakens” Apart Already

Let’s just get this out of the way now. You’re going to want this as a reference later in the article.



Today we’re going to offer rebuttals to arguments already flooding social media about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, hopefully before the articles full of that bullshit even hit our glorious “series of toobz.” This will be short and sweet, matching the trailer.

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Things We Should Learn from GamerGate

Two months ago, game developer Zoe Quinn, maker of the decently received but kind of lackluster game Depression Quest, came to be the epicenter of the absolute mess that is GamerGate. We won’t rehash that story too closely; in short, her ex-boyfriend accused her of cheating on him with journalists and industry professionals in exchange for favors. His allegations turned out to be almost entirely unsubstantiated, and her games never made enough money to really justify the theory. Read more…

Let’s Play: Little Inferno part 4: Biiillions of People!

Cookie Chris burns more stuff to get more combos! But it can’t last forever. There must be an end.

Let’s Play: Limbo Bonus Video: Egg Hunt!

Cookie Chris shows you where you can find 10 of the 11 eggs within Limbo.

Let’s Play: Little Inferno part 2: Awwwww FREAK OUT!

Freaking the Freak out with Freaked out Foods! Check out all the combos we hit as well as all the things we burn!

Let’s Play: Limbo part 6: So Much Gravity

Up and Down I go, where I stop… you’ll have to watch and see. Feel free to like and subscribe!

Let’s Play: Little Inferno part 2: Some People Want to Watch the Moon Burn.

Little Inferno was just going to be a Let’s Try but after playing around with it, I am turning it into a Let’s Play. So let us have fun BURNING stuff, but it can’t last forever… so enjoy it while it is here!

Let’s Play: Limbo part 5: Where the Wild Sisters Are

Limbo pulled a fast one. Ok. I will be this game into submission! … or just die a lot.

Let’s Play: Little Inferno part 1: Bus Stop!

Let’s burn things, shall we? As promised, Friday’s video is up a day early. We start a new let’s play with Little Inferno and set things on fire. What could be better?

Let’s Play: Limbo part 4: Jump for Joy

26/06/2013 1 comment

The Adventure through Limbo keeps going and this time, this game throws one hell of a punch. Sorry that Monday’s video is a little late. I have been really busy this week with work. Because of this, Friday’s Video will be up Tomorrow. For now, enjoy Limbo part 4.